Vision & Mission



“ Redefine education process involving global standards of next-generation INDUSTRY 4.0 technology, enabling trainers and learners to evolve themselves to the requirements of the modern world.”



“KASI dedicates itself to providing the most needed, highly transdisciplinary, future-ready content to schools and colleges across the globe. The curriculum strengthens our students to accelerate the transition to new generation technological skills.”

The New Normal

Globalization, automation, skills becoming redundant in growing demand for different skills — these are the hallmarks of Industry 4.0.

Today the world of technology is moving extremely fast in comparison to any of the revolutions name it industrial or computer. What we are seeing is a high impact shift from students being specialized in a single domain to a transdisciplinary nature of the new ages.

In future for the younger generation, just learning traditional skills is not enough, a need for new skills to take up the system to its next level is needed. Here today, we are seeing a new movement, an important trend in K-12 and Higher Education, all because of the rapid pace of innovation and the changing nature of the job market. There is a need for education systems to respond to a changing world as repetitive tasks are eroded by technology and outsourcing, the ability to solve novel problems has become increasingly vital.

KASI will work across multiple domains in AI, AR, VR, IoT, Data Science, Interactive Media, Digital Arts, Biotechnology, Sustainable Development Technologies to schools & colleges across the globe and provide not just courses for learning but also a platform for Industry interaction and experience for students.