Teaching technology

Coding and Game design

Standard 1 to 5

  • A Exploring the platform and intro to block coding
  • Using blocks to create multiple sprite animations
  • Making sprites perform on stage in the story mode
  • Creating a custom cartoon character and broadcasting
  • Designing 00ser specific music player with extensions
  • Developing a number cruncher using variable functions
  • Gusting a joke animation using Inc multi-threading concept
  • Creating a personalized virtual museum
  • Theme based crafting of an interactive diorama
  • Styling a shark attack game with follow function
  • Devising o shooting game with reword solmization
  • Project ideation, practice and preparation
  • Project live demonstration

animation and artificial intelligence

Standard 6 and Above

  • Exploring Al applications on the cognimates platform
  • Building a personal Al powered virtual assistant
  • Implementing an voice enabled calculator for the blind
  • Designing an emotion detector using the feelings extension
  • Making Nano smart by training on response prediction
  • Developing a smart machine to identify animals in an ecosystem
  • Training an Al machine on face recognition for user identification
  • Changing the facial expression of Nano to match with the user
  • Helping Pico talk in different languages using translation tools
  • Implementing an Al enabled attendance system for classroom
  • Making the computer play rock, paper, scissors with us!
  • Project ideation, practice and preparation
  • Project live demonstration