Message from CMD’s Desk

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Message from Chairman’s Desk

A creative and technological career program is designed to bring out the talents in each individual as a career option. Rapid technological growth and the globalization demand the practice of education more career specific. The workplace has become more diverse. Fast paced technological advancement is affecting strategies and process.  The time has come to establish the paradigms of education explicitly based on Next Generation Technology. There is an exhilarating sense of being at the cutting edge of technology in all that we do.  Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will grab 40 percent of jobs in near future.

The New Age Skills and Next Generation School Skills are compatible with industry 4.0 standards. Universities, Sector Skill Councils, Skill Development Corporations and Multinational Industries are part of setting up standards for these technological courses. We provide Smart wearable device enabled Xperiential Learning Platform with the transdisciplinary approach which “promotes depth of understanding as well as adaptability to skills needed to succeed in our changing world.

I welcome all students to this wonderful New Generation Technology. We will equip you with the best possible teaching resources, practical exposure, and training methods. We believe in inspiring minds, improving intellectual capacity, and building talents which our students can treasure for their lifetime.