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Advisor, Government Affairs
Spanning from the level of District Magistrate and Collector at the district level to the high office equivalent to the worshipful Mayor of the Metropolitan Corporation besides heading the administration departments of Municipal Administration, Geology and Mining, Municipal Corporation, Human Rights Commission of the State, State Commissionaire of Commercial Taxes on the full pledged administrative side of the State to ultimately the top level position in Government as Secretary to Government aiding and advising the State Government in the Secretariat specialization areas of Industries, Education thereafter specifically in High Ways, Ports, Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare in the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Abul Hassan has been the versed champion with efficacious felicity in conceptualizing, consummating, concertizing policies and programmed for implementation under the gamut of various State schemes and pushing it through the implementation incubator with adequate and able negotiation conciliation arbitration on conflicting issues for sound judgement assessment leading to demonstrated results well equipped with training inputs in USA and UK and Malaysia as well in Public Administration, Production Planning and Privatization of Transport with the related background of Highways and Ports. The competent and complete resource experience of Abul Hassan will be doubtless a bacon light to lead any eminent administrative and advisory body of public welfare and enterprise..

M. Abul Hassan. IAS(R)
Associate Director
Knowledge And Skills International